Essential Oil Chronicles

I don’t want to flood Hello Saigon with oily posts as I feel this should be an entirely different topic. Maybe from time to time, I’d do some cross posting. Since I am still a newbie in exploring this wonderful world of essential oils, am not sure you’d get a lot of useful information from it but should you be interested, do head on to my small project, Oilbularyo.

 photo Screenshot_20170626-104510_zpsypvrkdqz.png

Oilbularyo is a play of words between oil and albularyoAlbularyo is a Tagalog/Filipino term for a witch doctor, folk healer or medicine men. The husband said that it has a negative connotation but hey, am just having fun here. And it isn’t even original. This term is fast becoming popular in its hashtag form. Just go to IG and check it out. photo Screenshot_20170626-122932_zpsioaziome.png
See you on the other side.

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