Pasalubong is a Filipino term which means “gift” – specifically for someone you’re coming home to. When I was younger, my dad or mom would always have something for me and my siblings when they get home from work.

My friend visiting this weekend is coming with lots of pasalubong for me and I can’t wait! As a thank you, am sending her a care package of my favorites here.

 photo 20170712_124834_zpsa0vy506y.jpg

I usually put em all in a Vietnam-designed eco-bag.

 photo 20170712_124725_zpsmpxnw4pt.jpg

Then it’s filled with some Vietnam goodies. There’s Con Soc Coffee with coffee filter, Amero’s Cappuccino-coated peanuts, Banh Sua which tastes like pastillas, and of course Jackfruit chips.

I’d be happy to hear suggestions on what else to add — specially those who visited Vietnam and misses stuff from here. Should I add in a banh mi?

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