Breakfast at Eden Coffee House

I’ve been thinking about featuring different coffee shops in Phu My Hung — at least near my place. Aside from the abundance of Korean restaurants in PMH (with it becoming more known as K-Town), there is a coffee shop on every street in Hung Gia.

 photo 20170716_094927_zpsj49cygw0.jpg

We usually bike on Sunday mornings and end up having breakfast at either Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Boomarang or Mimi. But today, we decided to check out Eden Coffee House which have some great reviews online.

 photo 20170716_094943_zps0i3cwroj.jpg

With both my boys now having a say on where to eat, it’s now a bit difficult to persuade them to try a different place.

Eden Coffee House is tucked in a quiet street of Hung Phuoc 1.
 photo 20170716_094917_zpsajzslba8.jpg

There is indoor and outdoor dining, and I believe they also have rooftop dining.

 photo 20170716_095447_zpszt1tomun.jpg

We decided to stay outdoors. Today we the sky is overcast and looks like it’s on the verge of rain.

There were a number of customers around too and all foreigners.

 photo 20170716_095457_zpsx84fmfdu.jpg

The coffee is delicious! Love the coffee here!

 photo 20170716_095930_zpsfo0hew2r.jpg

We ordered the Bacon Benedict, Big Breakfast, and a crepe. There wasn’t any pancakes, so we got the crepe but it wasn’t what we expected.

 photo 20170716_100000_zps0nqlqdvb.jpg

We didn’t realize how big the servings were! Would definitely recommend their food for sharing.

 photo 20170716_100007_zpsvewufz2j.jpg

Eden Coffee House serves Western dishes that are really good. I enjoyed my Bacon Benedict and would definitely order that again when we visit next time.

The price point however is quite on the pricey side. Think Boomerang. But I guess, you get your money’s worth and it’s a pleasant surprise to find this near our place.


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