Aromatherapy Bracelets

Cross-posting this from my other project in Oilbularyo.

Last Thursday, I checked the web on lava beads supplier in Ho Chi Minh City. Honestly, it’s not so easy finding stuff in Vietnam especially if you don’t know the Vietnamese equivalent. But I got lucky and came across Saigon Spring Jewelry. The lady behind this site, Trang, designs absolutely inspired jewelries!


Trang and I spent the entire morning of Thursday just exchanging messages and designing an aromatherapy bracelet. And by Thursday afternoon, it arrived together with some beads I ordered.


Yes! It was that easy. Shipping within the city is real quick as long as you’ve got all things ironed out.

And so last Friday, I spent the entire day trying my hand on bracelets. I honestly thought it would be easy but seriously, thinking of color combination and the sizing made my head hurt. The knotting was another issue. I had several tries on knotting and even had to redo some. Finally, I gave in and consulted You Tube University on advice on how to knot elastic threads.

Here are the aromatherapy bracelets I came up with and am super stoked that I got to try it out with my favorite Stress Away EO.



So far, my beads are on Day 2 and I can still smell the oil I put in. But like a friend pointed out, it would depend on the climate.





Okay so am obsessed with tassels too so I added tassels to all the bracelets — except for one that my son told me to make for him.


My son chose the beads and I didn’t want to argue with what goes with what. I just wanted to make sure that there was enough lava beads because he’s currently under the weather and needed some RC EO in his beads. This is also a perfect alternative for repellants. Now, if I could just order Citronella EO. 😀

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