Crafts Haven: Dai Quang Minh

I know I have these bursts of creativity and this month, I’ve been interested in aromatherapy bracelets. I didn’t know that beads for bracelets are expensive until I’ve started making them myself. LOL.

So yesterday, after much research online — there wasn’t exactly a lot of information on where to get raw materials. I gambled and decided to go to Dai Quang Minh with our Vietnamese helper.

 photo 20170726_105252_zpssqjbktxb.jpg

We actually got lost. I thought it was some market-like building. But it totally, wasn’t. We only got to explore a third of this place though.

I was interested to find lava beads and I did! 🙂

 photo 20170726_110143_zpssruokc9w.jpg

Sharing with you some photos I took to help those who might be looking for arts and crafts materials. They also sell loads of things for sewing, accessories, and appliques.

 photo 20170726_105410_zpsdomlhbom.jpg
 photo 20170726_105413_zpsy01dmdbj.jpg
 photo 20170726_105418_zpsixxt17t5.jpg
 photo 20170726_105750_zpshzqnes6j.jpg
 photo 20170726_105759_zpsi4vrpynn.jpg
 photo 20170726_105948_zpsyxnt3sym.jpg
 photo 20170726_110006_zpsyv9msu2v.jpg

Then we found this shop. And I got confused.

 photo 20170726_110104_zpsvrjjdeev.jpg
 photo 20170726_110107_zps5jfmsarf.jpg
 photo 20170726_110518_zpsdnkvyl0f.jpg

I don’t get why there aren’t more information on Dai Quang Minh so I hope this post helped a bit.

 photo 20170726_112410_zpszx7vmgvl.jpg
 photo 20170726_112500_zps62973apu.jpg

Chợ Đại Quang Minh
31,33,35 Châu Văn Liêm
Phường 14, Quận 5
Hồ Chí Minh City

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