Hello Saigon turns 7

 photo sang-huynh-345640_zpsgkvqkdhh.jpg

Photo by Sang Huynh on Unsplash

It’s been hectic especially now that we’re moving towards the Christmas holiday. But have to take time to mark today as this blog turns 7.

In 7 years, how has Saigon changed through my eyes?

  • Influx of Western fast food (Hello Popeye’s, Texas Chicken, Carl’s Jr., Starbucks, Yellow Cab, Dominos!)
  • Christmas decors that used to be hard to find (Hello Cholon!) can be found at malls now.
  • Traffic is getting way worse with motorbikes competing with lots of cars — partially due to Uber and Grab.
  • I used to pay 10,000 VND riding the shuttle bus from my district to CBD, now I pay 18,000 VND.
  • Nguyen Hue has been hugely transformed. Can’t wait for the subway!
  • A lot of my favorite small shops along Dong Khoi have folded up to give way to bigger businesses. 😦
  • Notre Dame Cathedral is under construction till 2019.
  • Bigger malls.
  • L’usine just opened its 3rd shop.
  • My neighbours are practically non-Vietnamese now — Koreans, Indians, and Japanese.

Do I still find the city exciting? Interesting? It still is.

Ultimately, am still a passerby in this city. And for the opportunity to live here, am filled with so much gratitude.

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