Food Trip: Kingscross

 photo 20171203_091600_zps1pqno2xg.jpg

A couple of weeks ago when I brought my son to American Eye Center in Crescent Plaza for check up, we saw that a new restaurant just opened, Kingscross.

Honestly, we’ve been really sad that NYDC has closed in this area that we’ve been in the search for a weekend breakfast place. We love the Crescent area coz it’s near enough for us to ride our bikes to with the kids.

 photo 20171203_083843_zpsrejuwmjd.jpg

If you follow JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, you’d know that King’s Cross Station Platform 9 3/4 is where the train to Hogwarts departs.

 photo 20171203_083914_zps5ngt4ter.jpg

So it’s not at all surprising to see Gryffindor on their menu.

 photo 20171203_082914_zpsksxhdyxx.jpg

The price is just as what you would expect in this area but the food is the up and up too.

 photo 20171203_084844_zpsf1wlix0r.jpg

 photo 20171203_084457_zpszhftbqa6.jpg

 photo 20171203_084516_zpsyfk8lafr.jpg

Food perfectly worthy of an Instagram post. Haha.

 photo 20171203_083832_zpsja6o1grn.jpg

Should you go? I know I would definitely come back.

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