Where to eat on the way to Dalat?

We ended 2017 with a road trip to Dalat to celebrate the start of the year 2018. Kinda weird writing that sentence.

So anyhoo, it’s not our first trip to Dalat but we’ve always been clueless as to where we should stop by for lunch on our way up the mountain.

Before, we’d stop by Tam Chau Restaurant. But honestly, the food isn’t that good there. It’s just that it’s huge and can accommodate the influx of travelers, plus there are toilets.

 photo 20171229_115446_zps3jz3xg9s.jpg

Fortunately, our driver stopped at Com Nieu Thuan Thanh. The food is good and affordable. We paid around 22 USD for a group of 6 adults and 4 kids.

 photo 20171229_115511_zps4cj64ecw.jpg

We had lunch around 11 am and the place wasn’t filled up yet. Thirty minutes later and the hungry crowd started trickling in.

 photo 20171229_120101_zpswwfwbtku.jpg

And their specialty? Heo Quay or Crispy Pork. One order costs 4 USD. Not bad.

There are 2 locations:

86 Ly Tu Trong, Phuong 2, TP Bao Loc, Lam Dong
971 Tran Phu, TP Bao Loc, Lam Dong

And yes, their toilets are clean too. 😉

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