Smashing Day

Because it’s the start of the year, I make a long list of resolutions — at least in my mind. To make things simple and doable, I just promised myself I’d like to get back to some sport activities.

Today, my husband dragged me to badminton. Badminton was the farthest thing on my mind as I wanted to go biking. So anyway after frantically looking for our rackets (Ummm…yup, it’s been a while), we headed to the courts. It was a good day to smash something.

There’s not a whole lot of options for badminton courts in our area, so was pretty surprised a new one opened. And this one is so darn hard to find.

 photo 20180106_115158_zpssdlyuss2.jpg

Had we not joined our group to get here, we would have some trouble finding the place.

 photo 20180106_114858_zpsqknf8f5v.jpg

The place has 10 courts and is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 8 am till 4 pm.

 photo 20180106_092311_zpsq25bsyqk.jpg

We arrived past 9 am and half the place was filled. Good thing the place wasn’t filled up because it was quite warm.  I can’t imagine how it would be during summer months.

 photo 20180106_093437_zpsbejbkdvr.jpg

The clincher? Players can only wear gum sole shoes. So we ended with:

 photo FB_IMG_1515222006303_zpsoy4pgb46.jpg

Yup, gum sole shoes being sold conveniently at the courts as well. 😛 For 160,000 VND (~8 USD), the fit wasn’t too bad.

Court rent is at 70,000 VND per hour.

 photo 20180106_114830_zpspvdmiiqg.jpg

Looking forward to next week! Fingers and toes crossed.

CLB Cau Long T793
Hẻm 793 Trần Xuân Soạn, Tân Hưng, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
+84 91 841 06 09

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