Vietnam wins over Qatar at AFC U-23 Championship

It was just your typical Tuesday afternoon at the office — everyone was busy working on deadlines — when a colleague on my left suddenly clapped loudly! Vietnam just made a goal, tying the match with Qatar to 1-1 in the AFC U-23 Championship.

That was the end of the work day for everyone. Nobody could hardly work. Those who were secretly watching the match came out in the open and throughout the office you’d hear shouts, claps, and gasps.

When I looked out into the street, the traffic was light — close to nil. And by 5:30 PM, people started pouring into the streets, flags waving, convening in popular spots making noise and just joining in the revelry as Vietnam won over Qatar via penalty.

I really thought I wouldn’t reach home that night. The police closed down Nguyen Hue St. and  Ham Nghi was filled with motorists using the entire area as parking space. Since I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours, all I could do was take photos. It was an amazing night and I absolutely didn’t mind getting home late as it was such a joy watching the locals and tourists celebrating the win.

Congratulations Vietnam! Can’t wait for Saturday to see the match with Uzbekistan!

 photo 20180123_192746_zpsmnf8gymg.jpgAlong Le Duan St.

 photo 20180123_194506_zpsufmzi2kp.jpg

 photo 20180123_194556_zpsje7jjple.jpg

 photo 20180123_194617_zpsk5mcrgmq.jpg

 photo 20180123_195233_zpsmyzspgpl.jpg

 photo 20180123_195240_zpsaxxx7mg7.jpg

 photo 20180123_195519_zpshbvvlbhj.jpg

 photo 20180123_200511_zpswhxuembc.jpg

 photo 20180123_200947_zpszxfstblu.jpg

 photo 20180123_202413_zpswnza5evd.jpg

 photo 20180123_202602_zpsxforzbpg.jpg

 photo 20180123_202634_zpsgu51wbkm.jpg

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