Jane’s Bistro: a gem of a restaurant

I am not big on MY birthdays and I dislike doing preps for a celebration unless it’s for my boys. Since my birthday fell on a mid-week and didn’t want to inconvenience my closest friends on the venue. We just had a lunch get together at the Atrium Café of the Lotte Legend Hotel which was by the way, YUM.

I would like to personally apologize to everyone that when gorging delicious food, adjectives fail me. So yes, YUM.

In the evening, we met up with my extended family, Soki and Ryan’s at Jane’s Bistro.

 photo 20180117_201856_zpsfzpanqch.jpg

JANE’S BISTRO. It’s been operating in Phu My Hung for the last 3 years and I must admit, I have always been curious about this tiny restaurant whenever I walk by it. After a quick exchange of SMS with the owners at 10 pm the day before my birthday (I heard they only accept reservations), we were all set. When we came at our scheduled time, all was set and they even prepared a baby chair for Soki’s wee one.

 photo 20180117_183242_zpsyfb5fycf.jpg

Jane’s Bistro is run by couple, Jane and Chef Michael from Oregon. Chef Michael used to work at the Marriott Hotel.

They only make use of organic ingredients and undoubtedly take pride in their dishes. We ordered 6 mains, and 1 salad, because you know, Asians. 😛

 photo 20180117_190506_zpsw46jkckb.jpg

We ordered the salmon salad. Yup, hidden under the fresh greens were the absolutely delicious salmon. We really should have ordered more but we had 5 mains so we were pacing ourselves.

 photo IMG-5549e15b26e6fe400c3abbf91a538868-V_zpszuxulycu.jpg

We ordered 3 sets of pasta. Carbonara was one of them. There’s a special pasta dish too which am so sorry I forgot it was called. The third one was for the kids so it was not spicy and the kids devoured everything quickly.

 photo 20180117_191808_zpswxz6f0dn.jpg

Now this succulent dish above was mouthwatering and literally melts in your mouth.

 photo IMG-beffadeeb6495ca9f9fdeee4c003f2ff-V_zpsedcgou8h.jpg

Duck on quinoa. Crispy and savory. One of my favorites!

 photo 20180117_190449_zpspsdwaoc8.jpg

The highlight for me was the bone marrow steak — only because I have been wanting to taste one for the longest time. This is quite popular in Manila and I haven’t seen this in Saigon. So I was excited to see this on the menu. Verdict? Good for sharing but even better if you can have one solely for yourself. Hahahaha! It was sooooo good!

Apart from the food, the staff was attentive to all our needs and since we were on the second floor, they made sure there was always one waitstaff near us. And I must say, Jane was very hands on and her personality filled up the room. She reminds me so much of my favorite character in Jugglers, Jung Young-Joo. Chef Michael also visited our table and thanked us while we really should thank him. Am still dreaming of that bone marrow and duck. We really should go back.

Do visit Jane’s Bistro at 19 Hung Gia 4, Phy My Hung, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For reservations, call them at +84 90 909 65 05. You will not be disappointed!

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