Shoutout to Simrans!

They say — “Life begins at…” WHATEVER.

Well I thought to myself, it’s better to enjoy my birthday with this unicorn-themed cake now than when I hit 60. What do I know? Is anybody really too old for unicorns and sparkles? HAH. Who cares?

 photo 20180117_184818_zpsfq6nu579.jpg

BIG BIG SHOUTOUT to Simrans for this gorgeous cake. The little girl in tutu inside of me was doing pirouettes — giddy with this delicious chocolate cake.

 photo 20180117_185100_zpsniylkhck.jpg

It was so easy to talk to Simrans (all done through Facebook Messenger) and get everything ironed out before delivery. THANK YOU, SIMRANS!

I do have to thank my financier though, my husband, who didn’t say no to anything I wished for on this birthday.  😉


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