Chúc mừng năm mới!

While our neighborhood was practically a ghost town on Tet Eve, people were flocking to District 1 to visit the Flower Street along Nguyen Hue and wait for the fireworks display.

Last year, there were no fireworks display so people were more excited this time around. The traffic was so bad on Tet Eve and 3 hours before the fireworks, motorbikes started parking along Nguyen Hue and Ham Nghi to get a good viewing spot.

Here are some shots of Flower Street.  May the year of the dog be a prosperous one!

 photo 20180215_070354_zpspuyoqyvr.jpg

 photo 20180215_150320_zpsa1zb1rzg.jpg

 photo 20180215_150122_zpsw3qdif0b.jpg

 photo 20180215_150038_zpsfeth8wls.jpg

 photo 20180215_145914_zpsuld8qge9.jpg

 photo 20180215_074808_zpswwdg73ar.jpg

 photo 20180215_074039_zpso3yl9ai0.jpg

 photo 20180215_073604_zpstnkmam6j.jpg

 photo 20180215_073506_zpsda9v2qu0.jpg

 photo 20180215_073433_zps4y6avwgl.jpg

 photo 20180215_073338_zpsua0puka6.jpg

 photo 20180215_073322_zpsw7cuoez2.jpg

 photo 20180215_073215_zpsf0kdvow1.jpg

 photo 20180215_073201_zpspaeipwof.jpg

 photo 20180215_072815_zpswklshhgk.jpg

 photo 20180215_072802_zpsbjgk8ue6.jpg

 photo 20180215_072744_zpszo22uiur.jpg

 photo 20180215_072656_zpsukd9ykon.jpg

 photo 20180215_0726430_zpskg4xfxzh.jpg

 photo 20180215_072613_zpsevut7qd2.jpg

 photo 20180215_072512_zpslnygh0ea.jpg

 photo 20180215_072450_zpsaq2ul3ea.jpg

 photo 20180215_072323_zpsdnmtafv5.jpg

 photo 20180215_072249_zpsocrx26ob.jpg

 photo 20180215_072143_zps8qk9uoyw.jpg

 photo 20180215_072058_zpspshcmmgz.jpg

 photo 20180215_072015_zpsha9pufpi.jpg

 photo 20180215_072003_zps8m4ins3y.jpg

 photo 20180215_071901_zpskpwvbhe3.jpg

 photo 20180215_071746_zps58hyk28p.jpg

 photo 20180215_071723_zpshqte7ww9.jpg

 photo 20180215_071525_zpskieq1vvz.jpg

 photo 20180215_071434_zpsujoqdzll.jpg

 photo 20180215_071422_zpslsjdvtb0.jpg

 photo 20180215_071355_zpshfmmea4j.jpg

 photo 20180215_071315_zps1zwqbxim.jpg

 photo 20180215_071230_zpsatlvlyvt.jpg

 photo 20180215_071102_zpsjqgr5nmj.jpg

 photo 20180215_071042_zpssp14i1ex.jpg

 photo 20180215_070841_zpsgghapvsw.jpg

 photo 20180215_070654_zpswuahzgag.jpg

 photo 20180215_070716_zpsbohdfdez.jpg

 photo 20180215_070639_zps18ktm7pd.jpg

 photo 20180215_070609_zpskqopr601.jpg

 photo 20180215_070532_zps9fcpp5sh.jpg

 photo 20180215_070516_zpsmndqodmz.jpg

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1 Response to Chúc mừng năm mới!

  1. kim says:

    so cute! Great pics! Thanks for sharing them!

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