Got cheese?

I love cheese.  Too bad that my present situation limits my cheese consumption. Ugh.

I know I have been under the radar for the past two months only resurface to talk about cheese. Haha.

Well, I guess that’s how it is. What you can’t have, you must covet and rant about.

Sooooo… for some reason, cheese tarts have been all the rage for first half of the year. My friend who went to my home country for a vacation came back bearing gifts of Lava Cheese Tarts.

 photo 20180228_072232_zpsaulqf0nj.jpg

Sooooo… I didn’t love it but maybe it was because the freshness wasn’t what I hoped for since it had to travel for over a hundred miles over sea before it reached my mouth. 😛

So I looked around HCMC and found that there were 3 popular shops selling cheese tarts. There’s Hokkaido (who always turn down my request for delivery), Whip (which was nearest my home and actually tasted good especially with the salted egg! YUM! Oh and yeah, they deliver), and there’s BAKE! Oh my BAKE I love!

How could you possibly turn away from this golden yummy goodness?

 photo 20180215_181558_zps2c6wp8iz.jpg

Been reading a lot about Bake and I visited them last Tet.

 photo 20180215_131817_zpsifbxgtww.jpg

 photo 20180215_131831_zps52ikblur.jpg

 photo 20180215_132041_zpsqhagkztr.jpg

Been craving for this for weeks. Haven’t been back to their shop. Somebody send me some!

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1 Response to Got cheese?

  1. Soki says:

    I’ve tried Hokkaido, and Lava is better than Hokkaido. 🙂
    Will try Bake and Whip. Balitaan kita. Hehe.

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