Importing Personal Items And Household Items To Vietnam

by Jason Mueller, Guest Post

The beauty that exists in the landscapes of Vietnam is nothing short of breathtaking. Vietnam is positively booming with economic growth, rich culture, and friendly people. It won’t come as a shock to anyone when you tell them that you’ve decided to make the move, or that you’ve organized an extended stay.

Moving or vacationing internationally is stressful. There is no doubt about it. If you have a plan and a little help along the way, it’s possible to make it easier. Dare we say it might even be fun?

Traveling out of your country of origin is an adventure, sometimes a once in a lifetime event, and it should be treated as such. Soak up every second of it.

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Establishing A Timeline

The problem isn’t the move or the stay itself. That’s the exciting part! The issue lies in packing up everything you own to start your life somewhere else. Even if you aren’t planning to plant roots in Vietnam, the prospect of packing for a long stay can be overwhelming. How does one even go about doing it?

It’s questions like this, left unanswered, that keep up from following through on big plans.

Moving out of the country is a lot of work, to say the least. You’ve got a lot to take care of.

Chances are, you’re a tad bit concerned about the added “excitement” of your personal belongings failing to successfully make the trip with you. We can’t say we blame you. That would be awful.

Seeking help from a reputable and reliable international shipping company will make your life easier in almost every aspect of your move.

Start with a timeline. The idea behind a well thought out timeline is to keep your move planned, and as stress-free as possible. Knowing every step along the way will allow you to relax and enjoy your move to Vietnam.

Proper Documentation

Before you start packing be sure to know how long it’s going to take so you can plan your move accordingly. Contact Vietnam Customs and ask them if you have to be present at the time your shipment is delivered. This step is essential to your move going off without any hiccups!

Once you know if you have to be there when your things arrive, the shipping company you choose will be able to coordinate arrival times with you. They will take care of the details at customs, as long as you have all of your documentation in place.

Speaking of documentation, you’ll need a few things to make your move legal in the eyes of the Vietnam government. In order to move, you’ll need your passport, a Vietnam visa (which is not required in all situations), travel insurance, health insurance, ID cards, school documents if necessary and your debit card.

You do have the option of becoming a permanent resident of Vietnam, if you plan on staying awhile. There are rules and regulations that apply, so be sure to brush up on them so they don’t take you by surprise. Residency rules are different for every country.

Packing It All Up

You’re at the point now where you know exactly what you need to move or settle in to your extended stay, officially getting things in order. It’s almost time to start packing, so let’s talk a little more in depth about shipping companies.

Occasionally, a good shipping company can be hard to find. It can be incredibly time consuming to call and ask for quotes, but a reliable company will make your move that much better.

A majority of shipping companies will do an in home estimate of your belongings, so they can figure out what is coming along on the trip. The choice to leave something behind is completely up to you, but recreating home on a different continent is considered perfectly acceptable and normal.

Estimates done over the phone can be just as accurate, as long as you give honest answers to the questions asked. It’s not uncommon for estimates to change, because weight, items and billed time can fluctuate from the original estimated numbers.

Some estimates can also be done over the web, although they aren’t always the most accurate. The link here will provide some general ballpark quotes for moving to Vietnam.

The company you choose can advise you of what to expect. They’ll be honest and upfront about everything, numbers included.

If you’re moving, they’ll assume that you want to bring everything with you. While this might be the case, in preparation for a move, you might want to consider selling or giving away some of your things. This is a great way to lighten your load as well as make a little side money for your relocation!

Personal and household items are shipped to Vietnam via ship or air. The shipping experts that you’re working with will let you know which way your things will travel. Many companies use both methods, but it will come down to individual shipment cost and convenience for everyone involved.

It’s advised to always inquire about packages to make sure you’re getting yourself the best deal. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how it gets there as long as it gets there on time.

If you don’t want to hit the pavement on foot everyday during your tenure in Vietnam, you will probably want to think about shipping your car. International vehicle shipment is incredibly easy if you’re using an experienced company.

Of everything you have to move, your car should be very high on the list of take care priorities. You’ll need it when you arrive at your new destination, completely intact and working, so choose with a trustworthy company that can boast great reviews and past client support.

Living In Vietnam

Once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave. The cost of living is fantastically affordable, and the ease of eating healthy is an extension of that affordability.

Living in Vietnam will open up a whole new world of travel to it’s new residents. Flights to places like Thailand and Cambodia are quick and easy on the wallet. There is no limit to what you can see, even on a very slim budget.

The people are kind, forgiving, helpful and welcoming. You will never feel like an outsider, from the second you step off your flight. Plus, Vietnamese coffee is delicious, and perhaps as rich as the culture. It’s also very caffeinated, but delicious.

When you live in Vietnam, you are never very far from the beach. The country itself is long and thin, and it sits on the coast. By car, the beach is just a couple of hours away from most places inland.

The economy in Vietnam is off the charts successful these days, and a wonderful place for many people seeking an entrepreneurship or start up. People are headed in droves to Vietnam for the financial freedom of success. It may not be imminent, but it might be just around the corner.

You Made It

Importing your personal belongings and household items to Vietnam is not anymore difficult than it is to transport them anywhere else, internationally speaking. Living in Vietnam is well worth the hassle, and we can say the same about an extended stay.

To reiterate, set yourself up on a timeline, get your hands on the proper documents and do any research necessary to land an incredible, helpful shipping company.

Assuming that you’ve arrived, belongings and car intact, let us welcome you! You will love every inch of Vietnam, from the delicious food to the vibrant people. Every day brings new adventures, new experiences and something beautiful to look at.

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