2020: Year of the Rat

Today is the last working day of the Lunar New Year and it was difficult to get out of bed and go to work. Honestly, the office felt empty with most of my colleagues off to their hometowns for the new year celebration.

With a week long break, where are you guys off to?

If you’re staying in the city, might be a good idea to visit the Flower Street along Nguyen Hue. It’s interesting how the city government transformed the street into a garden featuring the Year of the Rat.  I’ve always been envious of the local women dressed in their ao dai having their photos taken along the Flower Street.

 photo 20200122_124657_zps4truvtzs.jpg

 photo 20200122_125054_zpsgkbg1ydj.jpg

The mousy rowing team is my favorite among all the installations.

 photo 20200122_125155_zps0ku6vj5v.jpg

 photo 20200122_125147_zps8wcoair2.jpg

A mini orchidarium has been a staple in this yearly event.

 photo 20200122_125234_zpswbtzokiq.jpg

 photo 20200122_125246_zpsdntujh2f.jpg

 photo 20200122_125318_zpssvqdjqbr.jpg

 photo 20200122_125416_zpsrk0rw016.jpg

 photo 20200122_125430_zps04encwal.jpg

 photo 20200122_125446_zpscq0g0b9z.jpg

 photo 20200122_125751_zpshamcgrqj.jpg

 photo 20200122_125828_zpsf4t5fokk.jpg

 photo 20200122_125913_zpsj5big4dl.jpg photo 20200122_125905_zpsrmiio564.jpg

I really like the Rubik’s cube-inspired installation but am not sure how it connects with the Year of the Rat. It looks fun though!

 photo 20200122_125932_zpsbutthztm.jpg

 photo 20200122_125959_zpsjxkbujpo.jpg

 photo 20200122_130019_zpsqo9fwzzt.jpg

Here’s the Squeaky Ville.

 photo 20200122_130148_zpsz9rahkiw.jpg

 photo 20200122_130153_zpsyjqihmln.jpg

This area below looked a bit barren but am pretty sure this looks terrific during the night all lit up.

 photo 20200122_130304_zpsgezwaege.jpg

 photo 20200122_130900_zpskdojddcg.jpg

 photo 20200122_130827_zps53uety9f.jpg

 photo 20200122_133327_zpscrxs5npl.jpg

Hope you all have an awesome Lunar New Year celebration! Chúc mừng năm mới!

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1 Response to 2020: Year of the Rat

  1. Celine Mendoza says:

    whether theme-related or not, I really think they do it better and better every year…grabe!

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