Vietnam wins over Qatar at AFC U-23 Championship

It was just your typical Tuesday afternoon at the office — everyone was busy working on deadlines — when a colleague on my left suddenly clapped loudly! Vietnam just made a goal, tying the match with Qatar to 1-1 in the AFC U-23 Championship.

That was the end of the work day for everyone. Nobody could hardly work. Those who were secretly watching the match came out in the open and throughout the office you’d hear shouts, claps, and gasps.

When I looked out into the street, the traffic was light — close to nil. And by 5:30 PM, people started pouring into the streets, flags waving, convening in popular spots making noise and just joining in the revelry as Vietnam won over Qatar via penalty.

I really thought I wouldn’t reach home that night. The police closed down Nguyen Hue St. and  Ham Nghi was filled with motorists using the entire area as parking space. Since I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours, all I could do was take photos. It was an amazing night and I absolutely didn’t mind getting home late as it was such a joy watching the locals and tourists celebrating the win.

Congratulations Vietnam! Can’t wait for Saturday to see the match with Uzbekistan!

 photo 20180123_192746_zpsmnf8gymg.jpgAlong Le Duan St.

 photo 20180123_194506_zpsufmzi2kp.jpg

 photo 20180123_194556_zpsje7jjple.jpg

 photo 20180123_194617_zpsk5mcrgmq.jpg

 photo 20180123_195233_zpsmyzspgpl.jpg

 photo 20180123_195240_zpsaxxx7mg7.jpg

 photo 20180123_195519_zpshbvvlbhj.jpg

 photo 20180123_200511_zpswhxuembc.jpg

 photo 20180123_200947_zpszxfstblu.jpg

 photo 20180123_202413_zpswnza5evd.jpg

 photo 20180123_202602_zpsxforzbpg.jpg

 photo 20180123_202634_zpsgu51wbkm.jpg

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Smashing Day

Because it’s the start of the year, I make a long list of resolutions — at least in my mind. To make things simple and doable, I just promised myself I’d like to get back to some sport activities.

Today, my husband dragged me to badminton. Badminton was the farthest thing on my mind as I wanted to go biking. So anyway after frantically looking for our rackets (Ummm…yup, it’s been a while), we headed to the courts. It was a good day to smash something.

There’s not a whole lot of options for badminton courts in our area, so was pretty surprised a new one opened. And this one is so darn hard to find.

 photo 20180106_115158_zpssdlyuss2.jpg

Had we not joined our group to get here, we would have some trouble finding the place.

 photo 20180106_114858_zpsqknf8f5v.jpg

The place has 10 courts and is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 8 am till 4 pm.

 photo 20180106_092311_zpsq25bsyqk.jpg

We arrived past 9 am and half the place was filled. Good thing the place wasn’t filled up because it was quite warm.  I can’t imagine how it would be during summer months.

 photo 20180106_093437_zpsbejbkdvr.jpg

The clincher? Players can only wear gum sole shoes. So we ended with:

 photo FB_IMG_1515222006303_zpsoy4pgb46.jpg

Yup, gum sole shoes being sold conveniently at the courts as well. 😛 For 160,000 VND (~8 USD), the fit wasn’t too bad.

Court rent is at 70,000 VND per hour.

 photo 20180106_114830_zpspvdmiiqg.jpg

Looking forward to next week! Fingers and toes crossed.

CLB Cau Long T793
Hẻm 793 Trần Xuân Soạn, Tân Hưng, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
+84 91 841 06 09

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Homestay at Dalat

For our latest stay in Dalat, we decided to again book through Airbnb. We had a good experience with Cozy House a couple of years ago and wanted to stay there again but it was already fully booked for the holidays. So after some deliberation, we booked the whole place of Linh, The Experience Cafe Homestay. Linh’s place is 10 minutes away from the city center on a not so busy street.

 photo 20171229_143211_zpsmz8duedj.jpg

The place was spacious with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets. 3 of the bedrooms have 2 double beds. The smaller bedroom has a double bed and Linh can even add more mattresses if needed.

 photo 20171229_143237_zpsgonkmknp.jpg

We took the 3 bedrooms on the second floor. Kids could safely play inside the bedroom and the steps on the staircase weren’t steep, so we weren’t too worried about our boys.

 photo 20171229_143325_zpslfqkvyft.jpg

Below is the bedroom facing the street.

 photo 20171229_143403_zpsth1sijd9.jpg photo 20171229_155848_zpsmlayopxf.jpg

Below is the smallest bedroom which was the coziest I think as it was sandwiched between other rooms so it wasn’t too cold here.

 photo 20171229_143418_zpsu1gfndve.jpg

The kitchen is spacious as well. So even if we were all busy preparing food — especially on New Year’s Eve, we were all able to go about our business without bumping into each other.

 photo 20171229_143244_zpsj08c1gbw.jpg

We could hangout on the rooftop but it was just too darn cold (below).

 photo 20171229_155930_zpsmb1ncoqu.jpg

It afforded us a view of Dalat. We could actually see the Statue of the Golden Buddha from this perch.

 photo 20171229_160029_zpsxtqps250.jpg

The accommodations by the way was on top of Linh’s Cafe. Linh’s family owns a coffee farm 70 kms away from the center.

 photo 20171229_215703_zpsqebepte7.jpg

We enjoyed our stay immensely as Linh was accommodating — looking after our needs, even preparing Pizza Dalat for our dinner one evening.
 photo IMG-612497d8836d344ef8b3cb92f31d9531-V_zpsomkvqvm0.jpg photo 20171230_191106_zpslw3fwn4z.jpg

On our first day of tour, he even came with us to bring us around to make sure we don’t get lost and get ripped off.

We can’t recommend Linh and his place enough.

 photo 20180101_101451_zps2my1fjws.jpg

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Where to eat on the way to Dalat?

We ended 2017 with a road trip to Dalat to celebrate the start of the year 2018. Kinda weird writing that sentence.

So anyhoo, it’s not our first trip to Dalat but we’ve always been clueless as to where we should stop by for lunch on our way up the mountain.

Before, we’d stop by Tam Chau Restaurant. But honestly, the food isn’t that good there. It’s just that it’s huge and can accommodate the influx of travelers, plus there are toilets.

 photo 20171229_115446_zps3jz3xg9s.jpg

Fortunately, our driver stopped at Com Nieu Thuan Thanh. The food is good and affordable. We paid around 22 USD for a group of 6 adults and 4 kids.

 photo 20171229_115511_zps4cj64ecw.jpg

We had lunch around 11 am and the place wasn’t filled up yet. Thirty minutes later and the hungry crowd started trickling in.

 photo 20171229_120101_zpswwfwbtku.jpg

And their specialty? Heo Quay or Crispy Pork. One order costs 4 USD. Not bad.

There are 2 locations:

86 Ly Tu Trong, Phuong 2, TP Bao Loc, Lam Dong
971 Tran Phu, TP Bao Loc, Lam Dong

And yes, their toilets are clean too. 😉

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Be good 2018!

 photo NHY_zps9jo6bwod.png

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Wishing you a happy Christmas!

 photo 25734496_1776210282413775_1855972715109063850_o_zpspqxng2sb.jpg

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Food Trip: Kingscross

 photo 20171203_091600_zps1pqno2xg.jpg

A couple of weeks ago when I brought my son to American Eye Center in Crescent Plaza for check up, we saw that a new restaurant just opened, Kingscross.

Honestly, we’ve been really sad that NYDC has closed in this area that we’ve been in the search for a weekend breakfast place. We love the Crescent area coz it’s near enough for us to ride our bikes to with the kids.

 photo 20171203_083843_zpsrejuwmjd.jpg

If you follow JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, you’d know that King’s Cross Station Platform 9 3/4 is where the train to Hogwarts departs.

 photo 20171203_083914_zps5ngt4ter.jpg

So it’s not at all surprising to see Gryffindor on their menu.

 photo 20171203_082914_zpsksxhdyxx.jpg

The price is just as what you would expect in this area but the food is the up and up too.

 photo 20171203_084844_zpsf1wlix0r.jpg

 photo 20171203_084457_zpszhftbqa6.jpg

 photo 20171203_084516_zpsyfk8lafr.jpg

Food perfectly worthy of an Instagram post. Haha.

 photo 20171203_083832_zpsja6o1grn.jpg

Should you go? I know I would definitely come back.

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