Museo Orlina

While we were going around Tagaytay City, I spotted a sign to Museo Orlina which was just a few meters away from the entrance of the subdivision where we were staying. Needless to say, I convinced our group into going. 😛

 photo 20170122_114643_zpshdi8fx7n.jpg

I was  just so happy to have finally visited Museo Orlina showcasing Orlina’s work of glass sculptures, as well as on display, were outstanding works from equally talented Filipino artists. I am sorry not sorry to bombard this post with images from the museum which I hope you’d get a chance to visit to be inspired. With the Taal Lake as the background of the this house turned art sanctuary, it was just perfect!

 photo 20170122_115717_zps7wkhfmvc.jpg
 photo 20170122_115539_zpsdw08naxm.jpg

 photo orlina1_zpsevggvfnt.png

 photo 20170122_120104_zpswfddwnuh.jpg
 photo orlina2_zpsm7dfkyow.png

 photo 20170122_120300_zpsmk0kswaa.jpg

 photo orlina4_zpsilkpgpiu.png

Can you just imagine the hours put into each sculpture? It is just amazing!

 photo orlina5_zpsiht2ibai.png

 photo orlina6_zpsrshrk0xq.png

 photo 20170122_120318_zps0l0rlcsq.jpg

This amazing emerald sculpture is one of my favorites!

 photo orlina7_zpsvvkaqvku.png

 photo orlina8_zpsj4mwvv0m.png

 photo 20170122_120530_zpsbae3cspx.jpg

 photo orlina91_zps6n2yqe9y.png

 photo orlina9_zpso58bz0fh.png

 photo 20170122_120632_zpsroz0huo1.jpg

Do you know that greenery is the pantone color of the year? Haha. But seriously, I am drawn to the emerald sculptures.

 photo 20170122_120649_zpsvuhsut3j.jpg

Here’s the bust of former president Cory Aquino.
 photo 20170122_120653_zpsu8mjppt1.jpg

 photo 20170122_120702_zpskptpkrwu.jpg

 photo 20170122_120728_zpsj2phojzr.jpg

 photo 20170122_120909_zpsl7xwf3fb.jpg

Outside the garden is littered with installations from other local artists.

 photo 20170122_115733_zpso2fiwgct.jpg

 photo 20170122_121108_zps70mfueax.jpg

 photo 20170122_121456_zpsu1un26hz.jpg
Under the amphitheater is the garage where another renowned Filipino artist, Bencab painted his Sabel series on a Volkswagen Beetle. See the eerie hand on the wheel?

 photo orlina92_zpsn0nl1jot.png

It was fortuitous too because a couple of days after, we were headed to the Philippines summer capital, Baguio City, and visited Bencab Musuem. That post will be up soon.


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Tripping in Tagaytay

One of my favorite places near Manila is Tagaytay — especially before it became the weekend place for everybody. With it being an hour away (yes! If there’s no traffic) from the city, it’s the nearest place to unwind and enjoy viewing Taal Volcano at Taal Lake.

 photo 20170121_120232_zpsprlm9il4.jpg

Taal Lake, photo taken by Hello Saigon

We decided to stay for a night in Tagaytay after we swung by our home in Cavite. The last time my eldest saw our home was when he was 10 months old and now he’s 8! My youngest has never seen our home at all so it was the perfect opportunity to visit the South of Manila.

Since the whole family wanted to join, we rented a place through and stayed in Le Fleur Country Villa in Montevista Subdivision.

 photo 16251569_1567823946565185_3633581699094478137_o_zps0vhzk6gj.jpg

The caretakers lived just downstairs so all our needs were met.

 photo 16300045_1567818986565681_4658310342350781140_o_zpsmugtzngo.jpg

The place was perfect with 3 bedrooms and a spacious attic that was turned into a den or lounge area.

 photo 16178543_1567824183231828_2076412892186187756_o_zpsdytosa36.jpg

 photo 16299842_1567832856564294_7641688319253072554_o_zpscgnwvhvv.jpg

The attic was the only place that has air conditioning — not that the house needed it.

 photo 16251729_1567834393230807_497570271950305512_o_zps8ldertvl.jpg

The villa was just lovely and homey all around. We really wished we could have stayed longer.

 photo 16252250_1567823383231908_8258188045426161449_o_zpssfbyekxi.jpg

It was a perfect place to hold our family photos too so we did just that.

 photo 16179811_1567831679897745_941298862444102353_o_zpsuaptik9h.jpg

 photo 16143532_1567821993232047_2586965345306039142_o_zpszhaurrxy.jpg

 photo 16179043_1567827806564799_6216493061951901562_o_zpso8rvdect.jpg

 photo 15936682_1567829979897915_6259132033312618426_o_zpsxjfit3dm.jpg

 photo 16113043_1567819093232337_1145609988190094002_o_zpsgrhponjo.jpg

The kitchen was well-equipped and coffee was available too.

 photo 16177758_1567825399898373_8712336349055231488_o_zpsbozbu5o7.jpg

We cooked breakfast and lunch in the kitchen.

 photo 16252193_1567820706565509_8471110080159518342_o_zpsvdkzpqie.jpg

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Tagaytay with the whole family, Le Fleur Country Villa is a great place to stay in.

* photos taken by JC Dacio

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Happy New Year!

Went on a short holiday back to my home country for Tet and it’s only just now that am getting the chance to sit down. I hope you all had a lovely lunar new year.

So let’s start the new year with something nice with

 photo sonice.vn_zpsqzkxpgdn.png

I found out about after Christmas and was kinda bummed that I didn’t know about it earlier.

Basically, it’s a site where designers/local artisans can sell their unique products and where you, the would-be customers can have dibs on their creation. And believe me you, they’re all soooo nice.

 photo 20170103_150455_zpsnqm7ystf.jpg

Using their site is easy and delivery was quick too. I ordered a couple of earrings to give as a gift for a friend. My friend, by the way, raved about it.

And so, Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away — and if you’re still looking for a one-of-a-kind present, why not drop by  Am sure you can find something definitely nice or even excellent to give to your loved one.

Advance Happy Valentine’s Day, Saigon!


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Seen in Saigon (Week 3)

So this week in Seen in Saigon —-

 photo 0-02-06-710561653947669b6d0c06246ad3985d0db0a20bfea97ef97bef242f551bb3d3_full_zps30fhhksf.jpg


 photo 0-02-06-f848632985dcb289d6f8f6046335c0cdc30e86e3e047b9b1902ffb789e941e6e_full_zps5udollxt.jpg

Pokemon Trainer shirt — I don’t normally play apps on my phone but by far, Pokemon Go is the longest game I’ve been playing since Mortal Kombat on PC. 😛

 photo 0-02-06-8d5fe1a09fb5cdc3c3bcaa9db5ab4d5dc5a0a68f2761f356ddd15ed1b3115cb9_full_zpspaxdmfc4.jpg

 photo 0-02-06-f04b9f46b5407e10071e96d25b705f5574ab4b60a5ad1394483147423f3faf8c_full_zpsfb0u39sy.jpgPhotographs of food made to look like actual scenes are on exhibit along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-0e3224734332422d7cf74a14a5bdb1ffddf897156230323ad497fe090e52024c_full_zpso5nqwotj.jpg

Jaw dropping designs of the streets of Saigon for the Lunar New Year.

 photo 0-02-06-f493fda98c1b10ebcb03f580a52cf98baf2262f44add03e4d80bbcf43fc6fcbb_full_zpses9eruve.jpg

Diamond Plaza heralding the Year of the Rooster!

 photo 0-02-06-05a278a4e91421ee7bad9144cc09f93f6bf420090ef5c73fdbc15bd267fd5f5e_full_zps0t645lcx.jpg

 photo 0-02-06-60848b8d4904a3b6cbaff3a6c2ea684ff9415fbbcd19da8edb904c0784d97eaa_full_zpsqbnv32ub.jpg
Awesome tote bags along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-0a73c798407cb5923a1bab7eff4eb3d07811c73419a7bd5d742e96cd63d87b17_full_zpstooh7ktu.jpg

My favorite cyclos.

 photo 0-02-06-6852b5175050878c85448d1f7a849a3d663220dd331cedf1e14d4944fa6afa37_full_zpsb11fflwz.jpg

Year of the Rooster display along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-988f9a670eece99016b0a7304010a9dece60b210af05453c1078903675ce0205_full.0_zps818tdbqy.jpg

Notebooks that reminded me of photographer/graphic artist friend, Ging.

 photo 0-02-06-0594e6e0ca4ad4b3ab2c364df7c35bff9779328717ec678d501b12e292bc299e_full.0_zpspocpp3r7.jpg

Hope you all have a great week ahead! 11 days till Tet! Woot!

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Made by Mun

So I have been trying to find a jewelry maker for the longest time when I chanced on Made by Mun. I wanted to have a sterling silver pendant with the number 100 on it. So as a “test” on Mun’s service, I ordered this 100 pendant (coz I wanted another one made).

 photo 0-02-06-9f8d2fbb46d18f67271b46c33f47854a72db977431a37b36b3a4671dc5c3f9c0_full_zpsbbiutnts.jpg

My kids were on a holiday, so we set out to one of Mun’s shop in 175 De Tham St. in District 1 — where there were lovely creations. But must concentrate on one pendant only. Haha.

 photo 0-02-06-947300b5c48076b95501a54c3824ade4014e661917b9544b38e12c5a4abdc362_full_zpspsehequx.jpg

I placed the order on Friday and I received a message from Mun that the pendant was already available on a Sunday. Normally, it would take them 3-5 days.

 photo 0-02-06-a3b59f20da2aa874ed1de72e93d3d40199fff2fa444cde37f3f26c9f78e7aa1e_full_zpst420fbj8.jpg

Monday was hectic so I requested that it be delivered to my workplace. And Mun readily agreed! What awesome customer service! Thoroughly satisfied too with her work. Highly recommended!

Made by Mun
175 De Tham St., District 1, HCMC

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Seen in Saigon

 photo 0-02-06-4f92e44637be466742e2dcd852e6e7b0f1676a28b1cf59adba9bcbc45c84526f_full_zpsb3akq2uo.jpg

In a blink of an eye, here we are. 2017.

Right after Christmas, shops started packing the greens and have started to bring out the yellows, reds, and gold for Lunar New Year. And for someone who celebrates Christmas and New Year, it’s hard to get into the swing of things after the holidays only to head straight to an official Vietnam holiday. I feel like we’re still in a lull until after January. Not to mention the holiday eating continues.

 photo 0-02-06-a69ad9930f2dcd4a155e4ea0e4207175fa868e72c0591fa56e40d20b3bc55940_full_zpshdlypbak.jpg

I went for a walk today along Cong Xa Paris area and boy, were there lots of tourists. And the tour group leaders nowadays, don’t shout calling to their group. I’ve seen them sporting microphones while the rest of the group wear earphones. Reminded me of silent rave parties.

 photo 0-02-06-b5e972ad55477f2b6d19397ee6cda4af84b5eb369795f1841f8e3d325621099b_full_zpsjueen6ng.jpg

The weather is pretty hot today and am dreaming of colder climates. Why is it so hot when Tet is just a couple of weeks away?!

 photo 0-02-06-693bf69ac8fd1aa6772667b3922dad993144c5b1780cdc3c57d57c5f8745c5e9_full_zpsmjty0tzt.jpg

Was going round and round Book Street looking for nice souvenir items to give away and am always drawn to notebooks inspired by well-loved children’s books. Aren’t they great?

 photo 0-02-06-5b19357eaafd14d613fee2fb134afc87592b369df802a63f15b76c18c15731a0_full_zpsd9b2shtl.jpg

In honor of the gastronomic delights of Vietnam, they’ve also come out with the above notebook.

 photo 0-02-06-ebba24528a4c2c7a72586ce6d73f061c126252d0947813165351f5437242ce49_full_zpstkhp9gz8.jpg

What do you guys think about dried fruits as gifts for friends back home? There’s the usual jackfruit but I saw this in CoopMart yesterday and looked interesting. It’s not rave-worthy but tastes okay.

 photo 0-02-06-fa84648a65de44d2b861adb83f51880416b8f15a5f924c9d59f5845a8febce54_full_zps1vsdnnoc.jpg

Now the dehydrated onions is pretty good but who wants stinky breath, right?

 photo 0-02-06-d6df431cee4b0d7f1ab1d3e94288cd5e68d8f71f77d0fba3b1b2946f7990bef2_full_zpszyjuhkip.jpg

Starbucks has come out of the Bearistas dressed like a rooster. Bear x rooster. Sounds ridiculous but hey, it’s Tet.

 photo 0-02-06-23445520884e2138c7d8e9db6b645f83d7f97f0efa129bbd1b2b824e35a9f075_full_zpso63wevyv.jpg

Oh and if you’re one of those Starbucks collectors, Starbucks Vietnam is finally coming out with Starbucks Rewards tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great start of the week!

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Welcome, 2017!

 photo welcome2017_zpssnvmwtxw.png
Well, this will have to do. No fireworks this year for the New Year and Tet. But hey, a huge yay for the environment!

Welcome, 2017! Please be kind!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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