PSK Christmas Promo

I can’t recommend enough the use of Essential Oils and how it has helped in the overall wellness of our family. I really started out as a skeptic and even in my oily journey, I really check, double-check things because I don’t want to just jump in the bandwagon blindfolded.

If you do decide to try essential oils and you’re confused (I know I was in the beginning), do drop me a message or an email. Let’s chat. It took me a year to commit to YL EO so am quite patient. Haha.

If you do decide, am giving away a DIFFUSER NECKLACE for every PSK ordered. To order, click on:

viber image_zpsdah2bamj

I don’t think I’ve shared my diffuser necklaces here, so here’s a couple.



PSKs are a great way to start your oily journey and am sure you’ll find great ways to use them.

Order Link: 

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Mini Oily Guru Workshop

 photo 20171129_112016_zpsw88wbqxi.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, I co-hosted an Essential Oils 101 and Mini Oily Guru Workshop, together with my good friend Ruth. Ruth opened her home to seven awesome ladies who wanted to learn a bit more about why we rave so much about Young Living Essential Oils.

After giving a short background about essentials oils and how we can benefit from them, we proceeded with the workshop wherein the ladies were able to make their own blends, hand sanitizer, keychain diffuser, and yes, even aromatherapy bracelets. It was so much fun that we ended over 2 hours later.
Ruth by the way baked yummy vanilla cupcakes infused with Lavender Vitality essential oil.

Check out our snaps below and if you’re interested, I’d love to talk to you more about essential oils. 

 photo 20171129_123631_zpsjgg748nz.jpg

 photo 20171129_123649_zpsoesg3vfg.jpg

 photo 20171129_123647_zpsizr5qn1g.jpg

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Exploring Saigon

 photo 20170601_121214_zpsmtbozdrd.jpg

So this morning as the car I was on passed by the Tourist Information Center by the river, I thought to myself what it would be like to work in that center. How much information should they know and would they always have the answers. And I wondered if I was asked what’s the best place to visit in Ho Chi Minh City, what would be my answer?

I realized that I’d still recommend the usual tourist spots in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. The thing is that historical sites are within the CBD wherein you can experience being around the locals as they vroom and zoom in the city going about their business. So much local color around and Saigon is best seen on foot or a motorbike.

 photo 20170829_171705_zpsprft7x4t.jpg

After drinking in the tourist sites while downing ca phe sua da, I’d recommend just wandering around the roads and hems (alleys). There is so much life along the alleys and each alley has its own theme. I remember ducking into an alley along Mac Thi Buoi and boy, I was amidst rows of boutiques selling quality local goods. It was a dream. But do watch out for alleys that seem to be never ending. I got lost in one and I really had to ask a local for help to get out of the labyrinth.

Having lived in HCMC for the past 8 years, I have been lucky to have met trustworthy locals. There was one time when I was still writing for Word Magazine and I had to interview installation artist, Hoang Duong Cam in his studio. It was back in 2011. I remember being pregnant with my second son and I was dropped off by a taxi in an apartment complex. I don’t remember where. My husband was like, “Are you sure you’re going to go? You don’t know these people. What if you get locked up in the studio or something?”  The joy of ignorance and stupidity I guess. Off I went and I had a memorable time.

Another interesting interview was with Anh Tuan. He makes replicas of famous paintings. He doesn’t speak a whole lot of English so I had request my officemate to go with me to help translate. My mom was visiting from the Philippines then as well and so she was also with during the interview. We were sitting on those small plastic chairs on the sidewalk in front of Anh Tuan’s shop. Those were real good times.

Ho Chi Minh City doesn’t get old. Just sit by the sidewalk and watch the sights pass you by. There’s always a motorbike or two stacked with something amusing or something humongous worthy of a snapshot.

 photo 20171113_102445_zps0wqz0qz8.jpg

So what am I saying? If you’re going to see HCMC, just get lost in the city, sit by the sidewalk, talk to a lot of locals, and know your embassy’s number just in case. Haha.

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Hello Saigon turns 7

 photo sang-huynh-345640_zpsgkvqkdhh.jpg

Photo by Sang Huynh on Unsplash

It’s been hectic especially now that we’re moving towards the Christmas holiday. But have to take time to mark today as this blog turns 7.

In 7 years, how has Saigon changed through my eyes?

  • Influx of Western fast food (Hello Popeye’s, Texas Chicken, Carl’s Jr., Starbucks, Yellow Cab, Dominos!)
  • Christmas decors that used to be hard to find (Hello Cholon!) can be found at malls now.
  • Traffic is getting way worse with motorbikes competing with lots of cars — partially due to Uber and Grab.
  • I used to pay 10,000 VND riding the shuttle bus from my district to CBD, now I pay 18,000 VND.
  • Nguyen Hue has been hugely transformed. Can’t wait for the subway!
  • A lot of my favorite small shops along Dong Khoi have folded up to give way to bigger businesses. 😦
  • Notre Dame Cathedral is under construction till 2019.
  • Bigger malls.
  • L’usine just opened its 3rd shop.
  • My neighbours are practically non-Vietnamese now — Koreans, Indians, and Japanese.

Do I still find the city exciting? Interesting? It still is.

Ultimately, am still a passerby in this city. And for the opportunity to live here, am filled with so much gratitude.

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Dragonfly Theatre & Soul Academy to mount the broadway sensation “Lend Me A Tenor” in November & December 2017

 photo lendmeatenor_zps2xoddycm.png
Dragonfly Theatre is kick-starting its 7th season with Ken Ludwig’s award-winning play “Lend Me A Tenor”, performed on the stage of Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) in November & December 2017, marking the first milestones in its endeavor to bring authentic Broadway productions to Vietnam.

Directed by Aaron Toronto, the play follows the escapades of a world famous Tenor singer, Tito Merelli, who is unintentionally drugged before a big performance.  Thinking he is dead, the excitable opera manager persuades his assistant to pretend to be Tito so the show can go on.  But Merelli is very much alive and the story unfolds into a riotous chain of mistaken identities, lingerie flashes, death threats, and sizzling romance that keeps the audience roaring with laughter.

With an internationally diverse cast, Dragonfly’s version of Lend Me A Tenor aspires to delight audiences from all walks of life with comical farces and hearty laughs, and provide an escapism from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The play will be performed in English with Vietnamese subtitles.

Lend Me A Tenor is most suitable for audiences aged 16 and above. Several ticket packages are available for purchase, and Vietnamese students wishing to improve their English are eligible for special discounts. To book these fast-selling tickets online, please visit  For group bookings of 6 or more or for details of our corporate packages or bulk student packages, please contact Dragonfly Theatre at
About Dragonfly Theatre

    Dragonfly Theatre Company is a group of professional Western and Vietnamese actors and directors with the following mission:
  • To create professional English language theatre in Saigon and to make it accessible to the Vietnamese community.
  • To develop a sustainable business and creative model that provides a platform for the collaboration between Vietnamese and Western performing arts communities.

Formed by Aaron Toronto and Jaime Zúñiga in 2011, Dragonfly is passionate about the need for Saigon to have professional quality, English language theatre not only for the expatriate community but also for English speaking Vietnamese. Theatre-going audiences in Saigon have come to expect a high-quality, thrilling experience from Dragonfly Theatre which entertains, challenges and inspires.

In 2017, Dragonfly joined forces with Soul Live Project, a performing arts hub aiming to facilitate the growth of the music and the performing arts industry in Vietnam. SOUL Live Project and Dragonfly Theatre are proud to be able to instigate a new partnership, that aims to prove fruitful to both the arts industry in Ho Chi Minh City and the community at large.

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Hello, Penang!

I know it’s been awhile since I have last updated Hello Saigon and am re-starting with a post about a recent trip to Penang, Malaysia. Also, since we’re entering Hello Saigon’s birth month of November, am lining up some activities that I would like to share with you soon.

You know the feeling of staying in one place for a time and you’re itching to go somewhere? Well that’s how it was for me since our last trip was early this year. I just wanted to get out of Saigon and fly somewhere else. So when my husband said we could tag along with him to Penang, I was ecstatic.

 photo 20171021_104212_zpsnfixyuz7.jpg

I love Penang. We spent our first year wedding anniversary in Penang and Langkawi. Then the second time, we went with my eldest son. And now, my youngest could get to know Pulau Pinang too.

Penang in 2005 is oh so different from Penang of 2017. The airport is much bigger and nicer, the streets are more crowded, and there actually is traffic. But still, getting out of Saigon is a huge breather.

Honestly, I didn’t research much on places to visit except that I wanted to visit the Street Art in Georgetown and hit the bookstores for some English books. Plus, I really was looking forward to a lazy and relaxing trip.

 photo 20171021_104712_zpsegtizuhc.jpg

Penang in October is humid. HUMID. And on the day we decided to do a walking tour in Georgetown, it was alternately hot and drizzling. Good thing, it was just a drizzle because with two kids in tow, I wouldn’t know how to manage. It was already a challenge itself having two boys wanting to go back to the hotel as soon as we stepped on the street.

 photo 20171021_105421_zpsnvvnzfke.jpg

Before we hit the alleys, it started to rain a bit. Since we were not prepared, we dropped by a local souvenir shop, Pinang to buy a couple of umbrellas. I super love this shop. The price of souvenirs is affordable.

 photo 20171021_105258_zpssemoftem.jpg
 photo 20171021_105301_zpsdkqyjdl9.jpg

Ofcourse we ended up not just buying umbrellas. 😛

 photo 20171021_105304_zps3zqw8kat.jpg
 photo 20171021_105311_zpsoktfic8a.jpg
 photo 20171021_105316_zpsrztwbmnw.jpg
 photo 20171021_105321_zpsb0t7nfte.jpg

The area reminds me of Hoi An with the alleys, ancient homes, and temples.

 photo 20171021_105559_zpskrlwkyhq.jpg
 photo 20171021_105628_zpsnql0jv5x.jpg

And the postcards! I just had to get them all!

 photo 20171021_110847_zpsrwrigzwf.jpg

There were other interesting street art that weren’t part of the “official” street art but hey, you have to admire the work as well.

 photo 20171021_111416_zps8ailtkfh.jpg
 photo 20171021_112031_zpshwarfi68.jpg

The Little Children on a Bicycle is one of the most popular mural in Georgetown. In fact, we had to wait for our turn to be able to get a shot. The fact that this ain’t closed to vehicles, was another challenge.

 photo 20171021_112116_zpsx42efhz5.jpg

Now the photo above is definitely an alternative rock band.

 photo 20171021_112604_zps6adhpzeg.jpg
 photo 20171021_113626_zpsvdhjqcgv.jpg

We didn’t get to all the murals unfortunately as my boys were both whining about how far they’ve walked and how hot it was.

 photo 20171021_113935_zpsdnt6ghfj.jpg

You cannot imagine my happiness when my boys agree to have their photos taken despite the weather on these murals. The eldest would just do so because he knew we’d take a much longer time if he didn’t agree to have his photo taken. While my little one would happily pose as long as his brother does so too.

 photo 20171021_114231_zpsnmlsrxlv.jpg

The Container Hotel was right by the corner from the kids on the swing mural. It stood out amidst the old neighborhood.

 photo 20171021_114357_zpshvhqakig.jpg

And there was a postcard shop right across it too.

 photo 20171021_114716_zpslsxstcxj.jpg

I just wished we had more time to explore this area of Georgetown.

Should you visit? Most definitely.

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Movie: Finally Find Someone

 photo f2_zps2gvpqzof.jpg

Image from ABS-CBN

Last night, I found myself amidst the throng of people queuing to watch the tandem of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo at Bitexco. It’s not usual to watch a Filipino film on the big screen here in Vietnam, so you can imagine why the Filipino community was raring to watch this. For some reason, I only got the wind of the film being shown in Ho Chi Minh City last Monday.

 photo 20170818_190627_zpsi3oq76pl.jpg

Living here in Vietnam, I am amazed by the number of Filipinos that I haven’t met yet. We actually filled two cinemas for this movie.

 photo 20170818_191107_zpsvkfv7yue.jpg

A lot left work early — and I was just happy to be among people who I don’t need to speak English to. Hahaha!

 photo 20170818_192840_zpsczxaokpl.jpg

I went with my 8 yo son and my friends — so totally fun laughing at Pinoy humor or crying about things that only Pinoys could understand – I guess especially the OFW portion where Tetchie Agbayani had to leave to work abroad and come back broken. That resonated for most of us — and also the fact that Sarah as Aprilyn is a school teacher — lots of Filipino OFWs here in Saigon are teachers.

 photo 20170818_193100_zpsalotxwob.jpg

MOR 101.9 DJ Jhai’ho hosted the start of the film with a game. Love this DJ’s vibe and I knew how she was trying to keep everyone in check when we had to line up for the meet and greet with John Lloyd Cruz. Love that she kept her cool.

 photo 20170819_092511_zpsuwzf2jdt.jpg

The icing on the cake was of course meeting John Lloyd Cruz who played the role of Raffy.

 photo 20170818_220559_zps6txflroz.jpg

So how was the movie?

The plot of the movie is about these 2 unlikely people meeting in the most unusual of circumstances – Aprilyn (Sarah) recovering from heartbreak while Raffy (JLC) did damage control for Randy’s family, when he left Aprilyn at the altar.

 photo 20170818_180821_zpsphupocwp.jpg

I’ve always been a fan of these 2 actors and despite the mixed reviews I from friends, I enjoyed the film — not much on the plot but the amazing cast behind it. You can really see how Sarah and JLC have grown such versatile actors over the years. So amazed at how people like them can just slip into character so effortlessly.

Was it worth watching? Definitely. Plus the fact that JLC came to meet the Filipino community.

Can I just say that it’s so much easier to meet celebrities here in HCMC than in PH? Hahahaha!

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