Postcards for Sale

Email me at if you would like to purchase any of the postcards at 25,000 VND (1.2USD) plus shipping cost.

Nga & Liem Collection

 photo Postcard-1_zpse56b4850.jpg

 photo Postcard-8_zpsdd18610c.jpg
 photo Postcard-8_zpsdd18610c.jpg
 photo Postcard-9_zpsbb64543b.jpg
 photo Postcard-65_zps773e722a.jpg
 photo Postcard-63_zps9024df9b.jpg
 photo Postcard-61_zps30bc4784.jpg
 photo Postcard-62_zpsb3d65399.jpg
 photo Postcard-59_zpsfe22b88c.jpg
 photo Postcard-60_zpsb6be48b9.jpg
 photo Postcard-58_zps51b779b0.jpg
 photo Postcard-57_zps480b9426.jpg
 photo Postcard-53_zpsd53d25d5.jpg
 photo Postcard-51_zpsea0d4324.jpg
 photo Postcard-52_zps00ac613a.jpg
 photo Postcard-48_zps05528537.jpg
 photo Postcard-5_zpsded08fa0.jpg
 photo Postcard-47_zps56c5e665.jpg
 photo Postcard-45_zps441e634f.jpg
 photo Postcard-44_zpsc94a7e5d.jpg
 photo Postcard-43_zps3aa840a3.jpg
 photo Postcard-4_zpse7e73af0.jpg
 photo Postcard-41_zps2ca9058d.jpg
 photo Postcard-39_zps43e1531f.jpg
 photo Postcard-38_zps727c7eeb.jpg
 photo Postcard-37_zpsc1754042.jpg
 photo Postcard-35_zps189d4685.jpg
 photo Postcard-33_zps4cb3a9a6.jpg
 photo Postcard-34_zps352963a7.jpg
 photo Postcard-31_zps1e18dc24.jpg
 photo Postcard-25_zpsbba4c082.jpg
 photo Postcard-29_zpsf516ca22.jpg
 photo Postcard-23_zpsd5859405.jpg
 photo Postcard-21_zpsfc0118cb.jpg
 photo Postcard-20_zps2a03fa4f.jpg
 photo Postcard-2_zps30d50f9f.jpg
 photo Postcard-19_zps24ba26ff.jpg
 photo Postcard-17_zps1758f7ad.jpg
 photo Postcard-16_zpsb267630d.jpg
 photo Postcard-14_zps8db7bc72.jpg
 photo Postcard-13_zpscd8f4db5.jpg

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