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Hello Saigon Turns 1: My Favorite Things

I love Oprah — especially her annual edition of Oprah’s Favorite Things where she gives away a lot of awesome stuff to her audience!  She’s one of those people who believes that giving away actually allows you to have more … Continue reading

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Zumba and Yoga for Charity

I’m reposting the invitations of Ja Nathan and Daphne Chua.  Both are holding events for April 17, 2011 for their chosen charity or cause. So limber up and join these two amazing women as they use their talent to extend … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I joined Daphne Chua’s Yoga for Charity.  Daphne taught Yoga Foundation 101 for over 90 minutes and I honestly had a great time.  Daphne has this calming aura around her all the time and amazingly, she can still lecture … Continue reading

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Yoga for Charity

Events of the year didn’t start good for me and I have been consciously neglecting going to the gym, or doing power walks, and even joining Daphne Chua’s yoga class. 😦  I actually haven’t gone back to Ja Nathan’s Zumba … Continue reading

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