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Hello Saigon Turns 1: My Favorite Things

I love Oprah — especially her annual edition of Oprah’s Favorite Things where she gives away a lot of awesome stuff to her audience! ย She’s one of those people who believes that giving away actually allows you to have more … Continue reading

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Zumba and Yoga for Charity

I’m reposting the invitations of Ja Nathan and Daphne Chua. ย Both are holding events for April 17, 2011 for their chosen charity or cause. So limber up and join these two amazing women as they use their talent to extend … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I joined Daphne Chua’s Yoga for Charity. ย Daphne taught Yoga Foundation 101 for over 90 minutes and I honestly had a great time. ย Daphne has this calming aura around her all the time and amazingly, she can still lecture … Continue reading

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Yoga for Charity

Events of the year didn’t start good for me and I have been consciously neglecting going to the gym, or doing power walks, and even joining Daphne Chua’s yoga class. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย I actually haven’t gone back to Ja Nathan’s Zumba … Continue reading

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