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Rants and ramblings on Covid-19

As of writing this entry, Vietnam has 251 Covid-19 cases with 126 recovered. The kids have been off school since Tet Holidays. So that’s 79 days. And we’ve been working from home for 3 weeks already. Vietnam has been on … Continue reading

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5 Unique Souvenirs and Goodies to Bring Home from Hanoi

Finding a memento to remember your Hanoi holiday by shouldn’t be hard in a city that is known for its quality souvenirs. From delicious edibles to delicate ceramics, there’s a perfect souvenir to add to your collection or give as … Continue reading

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Travel Mistakes when Traveling Locally in Vietnam

So Travel Oopsies asked me to share a travel mistake I’ve made and some of my pet peeves when traveling. This got me thinking of other mistakes that I may have made traveling locally in Vietnam. Not bringing our passports. … Continue reading

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Cha Ca Thang Long

I love cha ca la vong! So when we went to Hanoi where this dish originated, we just had to find the best restaurant that serves this. My favorite place in Saigon that serves this dish (and only this dish) … Continue reading

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Halong Bay and Dau Go Cave (continued)

After we had lunch, took a million (not really) photos, oohed and aahed over every rock formation, we arrived at the boating area. Our tourist guide, Tony explained that the government has been trying to get the locals to stay … Continue reading

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Streets of Hanoi

Warning: This post will be mainly photos as I really can’t choose from the lot what to post on our recent Hanoi trip. When we found out that there’s a long weekend over Labor Day and Liberation Day, it was … Continue reading

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5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Vietnam

Vietnam’s attractions should speak for themselves. It is a mesmerizing country, full of history and with its own story to tell. Diverse influences seen in its architecture, cuisine and philosophy alongside astoundingly beautiful scenery made for a captivating experience for … Continue reading

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