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Rated K!

If the Philippines is largely American-influenced with the smattering of American fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC, Vietnam is Korean-influenced in some ways. My default fast food is Lotteria.  Jollibee is way too far from my office … Continue reading

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Taxi Woes

A bit of a rant here. I’m wondering why the taxi company in Lotte Mart in District 7 is Vinasun.  If I remember correctly, it was Mai Linh for the longest time.  Now, Vinasun taxi drivers assigned here are not … Continue reading

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4D, anyone?

Saw World Rider 4D theatre in Lotte Mart, D7. From what I saw, it allows 4-6 people inside.  It’s small and it just has 2 benches. Not too fond of 4D shows actually, but might be worth checking out if … Continue reading

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Lotte Mart Shuttle Schedule (District 7)

Food, clothing, and shelter are the most important things anyone can ever hope to have.  Now before I go into a soliloquy on the essential elements in happy living, let’s nip it in the bud and just talk shop. Yup. … Continue reading

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