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Thanks for helping us help HOW!

Thank you everyone to those who dropped by our booth, Loom Creations in last Sunday’s Saigon Flea Market. Thank you also to those who helped spread the word and those who expressed their interest in volunteering their talent and time to … Continue reading

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Help us help HOW!

In my previous post, I’ve announced that we’re joining the upcoming Saigon Flea Market. 50% of the sales will go to Helping Orphans Worldwide. This is also an opportunity to raise awareness on Epidermolysis Bullosa and that yes, there are … Continue reading

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Loom Creations at the Saigon Flea Market

Remember my post on Rainbow Loom a few months ago? Well, it kinda got out of hand and we’ve started making bracelets for nobody in particular. So my friend, Armi and I decided to team up for the upcoming Saigon Flea … Continue reading

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Le Petit Note from the Saigon Flea Market

Yesterday was the Saigon Flea Market at Boomarang in PMH. Given that it caters to the more younger crowd, I still wanted to check it out. I had to drag hubby to go with me. He thought I wouldn’t find … Continue reading

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Christmas Bazaaaaaaaars!!!

Still unfinished with your Christmas shopping?  I know I am.  Here’s a list of bazaars happening around in case you want to get something outside the normal mall. December 8 (Saturday) Charity Fun Day and Bazaar at the Snap Cafe … Continue reading

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Saigon Flea Market in June

More than ever, Saigon Flea Market is going strong.  It has become something I look forward to monthly — even just to window shop! There’s just so much stuff being sold and though I love clothes — I still am … Continue reading

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Saigon Flea Market at Boomarang Bistro

So last Sunday, we went to the Saigon Flea Market both as participants and customers. The place was packed outside and inside Boomarang!  The market started at 2 PM but and gained momentum around 4 PM.  There was just so … Continue reading

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