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GrabTaxi No More

After my blog post 3 months ago on Grab Taxi, much has changed. There’s no more option for Sieu Re for one thing and was replaced with GrabCar. Testing it this morning showed that my usual route using GrabCar costs … Continue reading

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Uber in Vietnam

So Uber has been in Vietnam since last year I think. Buuuut… hubby never really wanted to try it because… well, you have to send in your credit card details which we’re really not comfortable with. And if you ‘ve … Continue reading

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Getting Around Saigon

We didn’t know we’d be staying for much longer than 3 years in Vietnam so we didn’t really gave getting a car much thought. Had we known, we would have probably put a car in our budget. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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Taxis in Saigon

With family and friends visiting all the time, I’ve been often asked what is my trusted taxi service. And how does one get a taxi from the airport?  Getting a taxi from the airport has been quite a concern especially … Continue reading

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Fare Price Hike

And so it is a reality.  The Dong Khoi-PMH Shuttle has increased it’s rates to 12,000 VND last March 5. Really, it was only logical since the public buses in Saigon has increased it’s fare already since January 1 to … Continue reading

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