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Chúc mừng năm mới!

While our neighborhood was practically a ghost town on Tet Eve, people were flocking to District 1 to visit the Flower Street along Nguyen Hue and wait for the fireworks display. Last year, there were no fireworks display so people … Continue reading

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Sights of Tet

What a long holiday! Not that I’m complaining but it would have been better if Saigon was business as usual during Tet. On Tet Eve, we checked in a hotel near the fireworks and spent the afternoon walking along Flower … Continue reading

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Flower Street 2016

Last year, I brought my kids in tow to the Flower Street which is part of the Tet celebration. They were not really happy. Boys! And this year, am not sure if I can bring them again so I decided … Continue reading

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Tet 2016 at Crescent

Just sharing with you the scenes of Tet 2016 in Crescent. Haven’t visited during the evening though, am sure it’ll be a sight to see too! Can’t wait to see District 1 Flower Festival! The Crescent Residence area is now … Continue reading

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Saigon Spring Flowers

I love South Vietnam’s spring flowers called Ochna integerrima according to Wikipedia. Or the hoa mai in Vietnamese or the English Mickey Mouse plant. Just found this odd bloom as it has white and yellow in one branch. During Tet, they’re … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why I Liked Ho Tram Grand

For our Tet getaway, we decided to just go to the nearest beach — Vung Tau. The last time we were here was in 2009 for Christmas. And even then, we chose the less crowded spot in Long Hai Beach. … Continue reading

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Happy Year of the Wooden Horse!

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Cua Dong and Traditional Tet Food

On the second to the last day of work for the Lunar New Year, I dragged myself to the office thinking that the whole office would be like a ghost town with everyone off to their Tet holiday. But… no. … Continue reading

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It’s the Year of the Horse!

Nguyen Hue Flower Festival will be open to the public starting tomorrow, January 28 (7pm) till February 3, 2014 (10pm). This photo was taken a few days ago. I dropped by today and the place is all ready! There were … Continue reading

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Things You’d Get On Tet

Apart from the bonus working people get for Tet, what else can you expect to get? Li Xi Money or Lucky Money. This one’s usually given to children by the adults. But it’s not unusual to give Li Xi Money … Continue reading

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